Welcome to the South Hams Flying Club  Website

The South Hams Flying Club is a non-commercial flying club based at Halwell and often referred to as the

Halwell Flying Club.

The club operates from Halwell and has BMAA and LAA members.

It is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club.

Experienced and current pilots with short field capibilities are welcome. (BY INVITATION ONLY.)

No Circuits- ( except for Go -Arounds for safety purposes to the north only - at 500ft.)-

Owing to noise sensitive areas all around the site and restrictive planning conditions

the field is only available to permit aircraft of maximum 100 H.P.


NO ROTARY AIRCRAFT or PARAMOTORS are permitted to use Halwell except in an emergency.

Nearest airfield for larger aircraft is Salcombe Bolt Head P P R TEL 01548842681.


Please see airfield information for joining instructions. Strictly PPR.


   Please refer to PPR and Airfield Information pages.

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